Listener Driven Radio “Takes Over” Chicago’s Mix

Listener Driven Radio has announced the debut of its latest syndicated radio software offering-LDR.Takeover-on Bonneville’s WTMX-FM (101.9 The Mix) Chicago. LDR.Takeover provides radio stations the next step in the power of social media with a set of new features and capabilities, including deep integration with Facebook. The product distributed by Citadel Media,  is optimized for daypart programming and designed for stations looking to offer increased control to listeners for specific time periods and shows.

WTMX is the first station to launch the platform, using it to power “U Mix It,” a new nightly show, which allows listeners take control of the station. “U Mix It is a new social music experience for Chicago music fans,” said Bonneville Senior VP/Programming Greg Solk. “We’ve enjoyed working with Daniel Anstandig and the LDR team on the new platform that will power this show. Never before have Chicago radio listeners had this level of control and influence. Now every weeknight at 8pm, our audience becomes the Music Director.”

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