America’s Radio News Network Adds 2nd News Block

Due to affiliate demand, sildenafil Talk Radio Networks is moving up the debut of the next syndicated radio long form day part for America’s Radio News Network (ARNN). Beginning March 28 it will add 3-6pm (ET) to the line-up moving its original timetable up by several months.

TRN CEO Mark Masters said, “We are moving much faster than originally planned, due to affiliate response and the incredible events that have caught fire in the Middle East. Stations love the long-form news product so much they are asking for more of it sooner-we are frankly stunned by the demand.”  Hoping to dispel the notion that all-news can be stogy, Masters says ARNN is fast-paced, averaging 10 to 12 stories per quarter hour. “Perfect for a PPM world,” he says.

TRN plans to offer 15-hours a day of an all-news product by November.

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