AURN Adds Armstrong for Digital Lifestyle Show

American Urban Radio Networks (AURN) signs digital lifestyle expert Mario Armstrong for “Digital Lifestyle,” a daily short form feature designed to teach listeners how to better themselves by leveraging technology to enhance both their personal and professional lives using Armstrong’s unique brand of translating technology for non-tech audiences.  “I am excited to have the opportunity to share tips, advice and information that will empower African-American consumers. “Technology is part of our everyday culture and it is important that we not only consume but also create in this digital revolution,” said Armstrong.

“We’re obviously pleased to have Mr. Armstrong in our camp,” said Jerry Lopes, Pres./Program Operations and Affiliations for AURN. “In this new digital world he can help our listeners make sense of things with his plan talk, no nonsense approach to the complexities of today’s technology.”

Digital Lifestyle will be provided via satellite and via the web to AURN’s more than 300 affiliated stations.

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