Listener Driven Radio Adds New Platform Features

Listener Driven Radio, an interactive audio software platform for radio, syndicated to broadcasters by Citadel Media, is adding several new features to its platform. The company’s SMS text messaging capabilities now make it possible for listeners to sign up for a text message to their mobile device when their favorite songs play. Listeners can also receive alerts via e-mail, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Jabber and Google Talk.  “Increasing tune-ins is key to growing a station’s Arbitron PPM ratings, said President Daniel Anstandig of Listener Driven Radio. “Pushing alerts to listeners so they know exactly when to tune in is one of several features our service provides, which allows affiliates to grow cume, tune-ins and digital revenue. Our goal is to grow cume using social media and grow TSL by engaging listeners and getting them to come back often.”

LDR is also expanding its integration with Facebook by making it possible for stations to automatically post information to their Facebook pages related to times when listeners can vote for which song(s) should play next on the air. The company has also expanded integration with Twitter.

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