Elvis Duran Gets with Mr. Moviefone-for Six Seconds

Envision Radio Networks will handle the day-to-day affiliate relations as the Elvis Duran Group partners with Mr. Moviefone co-founder and voice Russ Leatherman, ask to launch its first radio syndication venture in January–Six Second Reviews. Ideal for the PPM world and the fast-paced, online tweeting lifestyles of listeners, generic Six Second Reviews can be seamlessly incorporated into any station’s programming during any day part; morning show, news breaks, commercial breaks, afternoon drive, automated programming and more. In six seconds, Mr. Moviefone delivers high quality entertainment and news as he reviews movies and DVDs, and the rest of his “Review Crew” deliver TV show, music and video game reviews. Other branded micro-segments available for stations to localize are Six Second Weather, Six Second Traffic, and more. Radio station websites will also have www.sixsecondreviews.com as its movie portal.

“In the last couple of years, there hasn’t been a single programming concept or idea that excites me as much as this one,” says John McConnell, EDG Partner. “We live in an A.D.D. world and as we’ve seen with Elvis’ massive young adult audience, they just want to know if the movie sucks or not.” Leatherman says, “Moviefone was founded on the idea of getting people the info they want in a fast and fun way. Six Second Reviews is a natural extension of that and radio is the ideal medium for them. They are the perfect blend of content and advertising, all delivered in an ear-popping, fun and engaging way. People ask me ‘why six seconds?’ Well, it’s when seven seconds is one too many and five seconds just isn’t enough.”

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