Dave Graveline Stands up for Radio Dumps Sirius XM

Dave Graveline host of the long-running, medical nationally syndicated “Into Tomorrow” consumer tech program says he is not renewing his Sirius XM deal which has his program carried on the service. In a stinging rebuke of satellite radio Graveline says, nurse “I’m the ultimate ‘early adopter,’ but I can no longer support Sirius XM. I’ve always cringed at the term ‘terrestrial radio.’ AM and FM stations are ‘radio!’ And our show will be more special to our affiliates if those affiliates are the only kind of radio that we’re on. We’re here to help our AM & FM and HD stations build audience and make money. …When Satellite was new 100+ channels was unprecedented variety. Now, those repetitive music channels and poor-quality talk channels seem quaint with users now able to program their own music on iPods, mp3 players and other devices that have come along since satellite radio. Admittedly our listeners are tech savvy, but even to the untrained ear satellite radio’s audio fidelity is sub-FM quality. Why pay for that? And why pay for all those satellite channels you don’t listen to? Radio should be free, just like we are to the AM and FM stations who support us. I think we should support them.” This is an very strong statement in support of traditional radio from a long time syndicated radio producer.  If the rumors of a Howard Stern deal with Apple are true it would be devastating for satellite radio. Is the already shaky foundation of satellite broadcasting crumbling?

One thought on “Dave Graveline Stands up for Radio Dumps Sirius XM

  • December 31, 2010 at 1:20 pm

    XM-Sirius seems to have come back from the brink of extinction, at least temporarily. But ultimately people will tire of those monthly fees when they can stream Pandora to their cell phones for free (assuming they have a data plan that has sufficient amounts of MB or GB per month) or listen to HD Radio, both of which have better audio quality than satellite radio.

    With FM-HD Radio continuing to add both stations, and the increased penetration of HD Receivers, it’s only a matter of time before Pandora and HD Radio combine to make XM-Sirius irrelevant to most listeners. If you’re a long distance trucker then perhaps XM-Sirius makes sense, but for those that spend most of their time in urban areas, satellite radio is becoming irrelevant.

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