Triton Unleashes Targeted Ad Injector Technology

Triton Digital has announced the general release of its Targeted Ad Injector technology, which lets advertisers insert hyper targeted ads into streaming media for niche and discreet audiences in specific Designated Market Areas (DMAs). Triton says with this tool broadcasters can increase the value of their ad inventory and grow loyalty through location-relevant ads. Targeted Ad Injector enables a broadcaster to reach into niche audiences that couldn’t be reached with traditional advertising spots. When using a Flash Player, synchronized banner ads accompanying the audio ad can be displayed as well as the display of artist and title information for songs. Triton also provides a way for broadcasters to integrate their own media players into the Targeted Ad Injector, if they choose.

“Our advertising staff was able to generate significantly better returns from our ad rate per CPM as a direct result of our new ability to deliver location-relevant messaging,” said CEO Amit Khanna CEO of Aeibo LLC (Hindi Radio Mera Sangeet) the initial test site for the technology. “By leveraging Triton’s server side Targeted Ad Injector we are able to offer our clients the reach they desire with geographically targeted ads across all players and clients, including iPhone, Android phones, Google/Apple TV and smart devices.”

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  • December 11, 2015 at 6:13 am

    Triton is true, I also believe that loyalty and advertising will be increasing, due to start relevant ads and will make its value more expensive

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