Westwood One, BMS Partner for Sports Prep Service

Westwood One is partnering with Broadcaster Marketing Services to launch  Westwood One’s Sports Prep, a sports prep service that aggregates sports stories, combines them with audio, and makes the material available via a searchable Web-based platform. “As stations continue to seek out products and utilities to help simplify their operations, Westwood One is meeting their demand head on,” Westwood One EVP/Affiliate Sales Dennis Green said. “Westwood One’s Sports Prep not only gives stations easy access to the best sports stories and columnists from thousands of media outlets across the country, it delivers relevant air-ready audio which we are confident will make it the one-stop-shop for all things sports.”

BMS President David Brody said, “We’re excited to be partnering with the recognized leader in the field to create what we believe will be the country’s premier sports prep service. Our combined resources will fill an acute need for he creation of sports-oriented content.”

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