TNT Radio Empire Moves to Benztown

Benztown Radio Networks will now oversee the syndication efforts for “Todd n’ Tyler.” The show will continue to be based out of its flagship station, heritage Rock KEZO-FM (Z-92) Omaha, and airs on KICT-FM (T-95) Wichita and KXSP-AM (Big Sports 590) Omaha. Todd and Tyler commented, “We had an extensive search to find a syndication partner that could bring our vision to life, Benztown’s game plan for taking our show to new audiences is strong, creative and focused! Todd and Tyler are thrilled to be joining the Benztown team.” Benztown President Dave “Chachi” Denes added, “TNT’s massive ratings in Omaha are unlike anything I have ever seen and we look forward to growing their Empire! Needless to say, we are excited to be working with Todd & Tyler, Jim Spector, Mark Todd, Tom Land, Steve Wexler, and the entire team.”

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