MyDamn Channel Announces Debut of RAMP Video

My Damn Channel a leading entertainment studio and distributor of premium video by top talent, announced the debut of RAMP Video, a new content solution and revenue stream for radio. Last year, My Damn Channel launched RAMP, the radio and music industry source for breaking news. RAMP’s daily e-mail is delivered to thousands of radio and music industry pros weekday mornings. RAMP Video is now signing radio and music pros to co-create original videos which will be seen on radio station sites, and on the My Damn Channel digital distribution network this fall.

My Damn Channel Founder/CEO Rob Barnett Barnett has enlisted three industry heavyweights to lead RAMP Video: Gary Krantz, RAMP Chief Strategist; Greg Janoff, RAMP Senior Sales Consultant and Laura Gonzo, RAMP Director of Strategic Partnerships.

Barnett says, “Radio and music talent will bring large, loyal audiences to this new video venture. Our RAMP Video team will guarantee artists and advertisers the size and scale they demand to make our branded entertainment partnerships a big, honkin’ success.”

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