A Hughley Exit Makes Way for a Joyner Return to New York

*UPDATE* It took longer  than we expected but the deal to bring Tom Joyner back to New York is done. The show will return to WRKS on February 7th to compete directly against Premiere Radio’s Steve Harvey on Inner City Broadcasting’s WBLS. The D.L. Hughley radio experiment at Emmis Communications’ WRKS New York  seems to be  over. Caught in the middle of one of the most complicated and contentious public disputes in broadcast history (Hughley vs URBan Broadcasting vs Emmis) WRKS is left wondering what’s next for it’s morning slot. Could a New York return to the KISS-FM airwaves for Reach Media’s Tom Joyner Morning Show be in the works? Joyner’s then ABC Radio Network syndicated morning show last appeared on the station in 2001-03 and looks like the favorite to take on the Steve Harvey Morning Show on Inner City WBLS.  Our eyes… and ears are firmly fixed on this one.  Alex Cameron, Emmis Communications’ SVP, Market Manager, says, “2011 marks 30 years for KISS FM as a dominant and trusted voice reflecting the tri-state’s African American adult community.  In celebrating that, we are happy to welcome Tom Joyner to KISS FM with a show that shares the values of family and community.  Our program director, Jill Strada, will have the ability to work directly with Tom and The Morning Show staff to collaborate on locality and music that directly affects and influences the KISS audience.”

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