Jo Jo Wright Challenges Listeners to Help “Make it Wright”

KIIS Los Angeles and nationally syndicated radio personality JoJo Wright is in for a busy summer. Wright,  host of  “JoJo on the Radio,” announced today the launch of Make it Wright with JoJo, a summer-long initiative in which he will lend a hand to a different cause every weekday this summer. JoJo is asking his friends, fans, followers and listeners, as well as any organizations looking for his support, to get in touch via Twitter and Facebook to suggest deserving causes for him to help out with.

“I was thinking about getting involved with one charity this summer,” said Wright, “and then I thought, ‘why pick just one?’ There are a crazy number of organizations out there doing great things, and I want to help.  I’m just one guy, but I’m looking forward to making whatever difference I can, and inspiring others to do the same.”

The daily installments of Make it Wright with JoJo will require anywhere from a few minutes to an entire day of JoJo’s time.  The projects  goal is to lead by example, and ultimately encourage people to give back to their community – even if it means just taking a few minutes a day to help support an organization doing great things.

According to the press release announcing the launch of the initiative, if each of JoJo’s more than 25,000 Twitter followers were to spend just five minutes of one day doing something for their community, that would amount to more than 2080 hours of service, or the equivalent of one person working full-time (40 hours/week) for an entire year.

Make it Wright with JoJo is kicking off with a diverse schedule of activities and partnerships including:

  • The Awards airing on VH1 July 19, which recognize the best young world-changers, 25 and under.
  • Tweeting about items from the Television Academy Foundation’s Primetime Emmy Season Online Auction that begins July 22 to benefit the Foundation’s educational programs.
  • Leap for Life for LIVESTRONG – JoJo will take his commitment to service to new heights by jumping from a plane on August 22 to help support Lance Armstrong’s cancer charity.

In addition to his  top rated night show on KIIS-FM, Wright is syndicated on 50 radio stations across the country and IHeart Radio.

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