Next for Tom Leykis… “New Normal Music”

Tom Leykis in his continuing quest to change the face of syndicated radio is set to launch what he calls “New Normal Music.” He describes the new format as “an adrenaline rush of hooky, energetic music culled from the pulse of what college-age males are listening to across a broad range of kinetic genres.”

“In today’s corporate run radio, the pressure has long been on to keep new music off the air,” Leykis explains. “Research has dictated that stations tell audiences they’re playing ‘new’ music while serving them the comfort zone favorites they’ve already proven to love. So-called ‘alternative’ stations that launched Weezer are still playing their songs to an audience that is literally wheezing now! My concept is playing music that is totally fresh- new music by baby artists with not one song in rotation over 12 months old.”

Core artists include Taylor Locke & The Roughs, Delta Spirit, Free Energy, Male Bonding, Sleigh Bells and LCD Soundsystem, along with the latest music by more established acts such as Ok Go, Mgmt Wilco, Flaming Lips of Montreal and Natalie Portman”s Shaved Head.

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