Elvis Duran Group Launches New Syndication Company

The Elvis Duran Group, the entertainment company owned by syndicated radio personality Elvis Duran, has partnered with former ABC Radio SVP of Programming John McConnell to launch a new syndication division. Launched in 2007, The Elvis Duran Group is an entertainment company owned by Duran and talent agent David Katz that focuses on creating content for radio, television, broadband, internet, theater and film. McConnell will be based in New York and will work with Katz to develop content and talent for the group.

Though radio syndication is the primary focus, McConnell said that the unit would be looking for product that works in digital and other platforms and product that may break out of the traditional radio syndication mold.

“We’re used to looking at traditional program lengths and formats, but the fact is, radio is a consumer-driven business that has to work in other media,” McConnell said. “We have to produce products that are more consistent with peoples’ lifestyles today.”

McConnell will continue his work for McConnell Media, LLC, his traditional and new media consultancy that focuses on content and talent development. In that capacity, he’s a founder and senior executive at Famos, LLC, a start up digital technology company which develops new commerce systems for social media.

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