Superadio Debuts Talk Advocacy Network

Access.1 Communications has announced the debut of the Superadio Advocacy Network, ampoule a “unique collaboration between the syndicators of some of Talk’s leading programs.” Reaching a reported 15 million listeners weekly, stomach the network was created “to provide advocacy groups and national organizations with an effective and efficient platform to reach and influence this highly engaged audience.” Sponsorship packages will be represented exclusively by NYC-based Media Management Group. MMG reports that Dial-Global syndicated talkers Ed Schultz, Michael Smerconish, Thom Hartmann and Stephanie Miller, Stephen Multimedia nationally syndicated radio host Doug Stephan, and FOX News Radio talker Alan Colmes are all part of the newly formed alliance. Commenting on the deal, Superadio President/COO Jack Bryant said, ”They say there is power in numbers, and that is especially true when it comes to providing advocacy groups and national organizations with a one-stop shop that offers great national reach to the younger and more vibrant segment of the overall Talk audience.” *UPDATE* Media Management Group has corrected the Superadio Advocacy Network talent line-up. Michael Smerconish is not a part of the alliance.

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