Michael Savage Bares All in Playboy Interview

Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage is the featured subject in June’s Playboy Magazine. The article culled from a 16 hour no holds barred interview conducted by Contributing Editor, David Hochman covers a wide range of topics from Savage’s life experience to political views on same sex marriage and even opinions about other radio personalities. Hochman said of the encounter with the controversial Savage, “I can’t remember a more difficult interview. Savage was a fine host, but his opin­ions are extreme…But he was just as leery of me. Even when we were laughing I knew he was thinking, Liberal vermin media.”

Savage is ranked the third largest syndicated radio host in the nation, with over 9 million listeners according to TALKERS Magazine.  The Savage Nation airs on over 300 stations nationwide, including over 40 of the top 50 metro markets.

Read the full Michael Savage interview at www.playboy.com/savage.

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