Amway, John Tesh Create “Intelligence” Products

Amway Global and John Tesh are introducing a new line of products under the same brand as Tesh’s Intelligence For Your Life™ syndicated radio show. The line will embody the same philosophy as the show, troche “Simple Improvements for Better Living, viagra dosage ” and will offer products and services that provide simple, common-sense ideas to encourage people toward a healthy, mind, body, and spirit. “John Tesh has spent a lifetime gathering small but impactful ideas that can help people make big improvements to their overall well-being, and that’s why he has such a tremendous fan following,” says Steve Lieberman, Managing Director of Amway Global. “Our mission at Amway Global is to help people live better lives so we believe we are the perfect partner to help bring the Intelligence For Your Life brand to life. We’re very excited to launch these products, introducing his many fans to our business and our many Independent Business Owners to this brand.”

“I am thrilled to have found in Amway Global a partner that is committed to helping people improve their lives and achieve their full potential,” says John Tesh. “I’ve been working with Amway Global for more than a year now and am continuously amazed at the synergies between its business and the Intelligence For Your Life brand. I have no doubt that this partnership will yield many great products that people can put to practical use to improve their quality of life.”

The first Intelligence For Your Life products fall within a Healthy Snacking category that reflects Tesh’s personal passion for healthy eating, as well as Amway Global’s commitment to helping people achieve optimal health.

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