Is Ryan Seacrest Finally Letting Go of a Job?

A quote from a  LA Times interview with Ryan Seacrest last week has industry tongues waging. In the article Seacrest muses about American Idol past and present. Toward the end of Shirley Halperin’s interview with Seacrest the question was asked: “And you still like your job?” “I do like it. I actually really like my job. My jobs, I should say, I’m trying to figure how out how many more I can do. There’s one I’m thinking about giving up. I can’t tell you which one, but it’s not “Idol.” It is one that I have to make a decision on sooner or later and probably something that your audience will be familiar with…”

So the candle is burning on both ends. Some of his recent behavior on American Idol has radio wondering what job will be the first to go. Ok so he’s doing the interview with the LA Times, it’s not American Idol, and you can bet it won’t be any of his multiple other TV gigs. We can also be sure it’s not his Premiere Radio Network syndicated radio shows. What’s left…his local KISS FM Los Angeles morning show. After that deal is up it’s Seacrest out!

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