Premiere’s Glenn Beck a $32 Million Man

It’s one of the rare examples where a radio career is more lucrative than a television one, although Glenn Beck has both of them covered and then some. In yet another profile of the ubiquitous Beck,  Forbes Magazine reports Beck earned $32 million in the 12 months ending in March. According to Forbes, the 400 radio stations that carry the Premiere syndicated radio Glenn Beck Show earned him $10 million, with another $4 million coming from his popular afternoon Fox TV show. However, the biggest share of his income, $13 million, came from print, including his six New York Times best sellers, and the “Fusion” magazine.  His website, newsletter and Beck-related merchandise netted another $4 million. Beck also earned $3 million for speaking fees and events. His admission that he’s in the entertainment business and that the political stances he takes are little more than that, lead us to a great title for his next book…”The Fleecing of America.”

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