KROQ’s ‘Psycho Mike’ Named Loveline Co-Host

Westwood One announces that Mike Catherwood also known as ‘Psycho Mike of KROQ-FM Los Angeles’ Kevin & Bean Morning Show, has been named the new co-host of Westwood One’s “Loveline with Dr. Drew Pinsky.” Loveline, the nation’s longest running radio call-in program, airs Sunday through Thursday 10pm-12am.

“I can’t properly describe how honored I am,” said Catherwood. “I’m a local guy who grew up listening to Kevin & Bean and Loveline, so to be a part of both shows is downright surreal. Dr. Drew is what makes Loveline special, so I’m going to do my best to add something positive to the show without getting in his way.”

Dr. Drew, who has hosted Loveline for 25 years, is also the host of VH1’s popular “Celebrity Rehab” where he indulges viewers into the private world of celebrity addiction recovery.

“We’re really going to have some fun this year,” added Pinsky, who has been with the show since its nationwide launch with Westwood One. “How could adding a co-host named ‘Psycho Mike’ not make for some great radio? Mike’s huge personality will bring a new energy to the show that our audience will feel immediately.”

One thought on “KROQ’s ‘Psycho Mike’ Named Loveline Co-Host

  • March 21, 2011 at 11:16 pm

    Mike, never heard of you. But was astonished by your performance on
    Dancing…not because you can’t dance but because of your insensitive
    inappropriate remark about being glad you got an American dancer because you remember the Cold War. What a jackass you are! Are you thinking that all the right-wing bigots who propelled Bristol Palin to the finals will vote for you. The Russian dancers on that show are some of the very best and have nothing to do with the extinct Soviet Union or Communism. What you said had to be opportunistic and spoke volumes about you as a human being and a rude jerk. Until you mouthed-off, I thought I knew who’d be first to leave. Fortunately, you replaced that person in my mind, and even if you could dance like Fred Astaire,
    I, and I hope a million others will dump you first.

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