Rob Redding to Offer Ringtones for Sale

Syndicated radio talker Rob Redding has taken the concept of “monetizing the brand” to a new level for talk radio hosts. Redding who is heard on XM channel 169 as well as various terrestrial outlets across the country, holds the distinction of being the first talk radio talent to offer ringtones for sale to his listeners.  “My voice guy,  told me this weekend that he was playing one of his drops (for the show) as a ringtone on his cell phone and said that the thought popped into his head to offer ringtones for all of our listeners, so we went for it,” said Redding.

Redding, known as America’s Independent Voice, says listeners can now download some of his most popular radio moments: “Where’s my whip?”, “Get off the plantation!” or “Making sure this is on!”

The Redding News Review is heard on WURD-AM in Philadelphia; KTAE-AM in Waco, TX and Austin; WLMC-AM in Myrtle Beach and Charleston; WMEL-AM in Melbourne, Fla.; WIBB-AM in Macon, Ga.; WVNA-AM in Tuscumbia, Ala.; and throughout Arkansas, Louisiana and Mississippi on KMLB-AM.

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