Citadel Revives Doug McIntyre’s “Red Eye Radio”

Citadel Media is resurrecting talker Doug McIntyre’s overnight “Red Eye Radio” launching the show on his present and former stations, Citadel outlets WABC-A New York and KABC-A Los Angeles, starting Monday (2/8).  McIntyre hosted “Red Eye Radio”  for KABC before moving to WABC’s morning drive pre-Don Imus and most recently the hour before Imus.

WABC PD Laurie Cantillo said, “Doug McIntyre’s Red Eye Radio is a refreshing live alternative to traditional overnight fare, which is canned, conspiratorial, and just plain dull. Our listeners love Doug and the fun, hip approach he brings to the news.”

KABC PD David A. Hall added, “I used to hate to compete with his shows. They had huge ratings and audiences that were way above average in listener loyalty. Doug McIntyre’s Red Eye Radio is a fabulous program and a terrific alternative to UFO and ghost shows.”

The new syndicated radio version of the show will air Monday through Sunday 1-5a ET.

One thought on “Citadel Revives Doug McIntyre’s “Red Eye Radio”

  • February 22, 2011 at 12:42 am

    Doug’s show is funny, inelligent and actually quite addictive. Doug is well-read, reasonable, passionate and interesting, especially when it comes to politics and history.
    The only problem is that like most addictions – it’s very hard to stop! Too often, as the insomnia starts to fade I find myself staying up for the whole show because I’m enjoying hearing his take on daily events. It’s also really hard to go “cold turkey”. Sometimes he is pre-empted by a vitamin or book infomercial, and I’m stuck listening to (yes….the UFO show!!) I get more sleep – but I miss out on my “fix”.
    Also, like most addictions, I can’t stand substitutes. While I don’t begrudge him taking his day off, the sub he leaves us with is poorly-read, ideologically in the opposite camp, pomotes and encourages the stupidest callers and tops it all off with a repititious catch-phrase that makes me want to toss my radio out of the window.
    It’s like when your favorite babysitter can’t make it and you’re stuck with the crazy lady from next door who talks to herself and smells funny.

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