Janet Parshall Bolts Salem for Moody

Janet Parshall, a syndicated radio talk-show host and the nation’s pre-eminent female Christian broadcaster, is leaving the Salem Radio Network this weekend to start up a new show with the Chicago-based Moody Broadcasting Network.  The last day on the air for “Janet Parshall’s America” will be a Friday rebroadcast.  Parshall recorded her last live show Monday, when she announced she was leaving. Officials at Dallas based Salem Radio, the nation’s largest commercial Christian network, refused to say why they did not renew her contract. Janet Parshall’s “America” reached 3 million listeners on 265 stations, about 100 of them commercial stations.

One thought on “Janet Parshall Bolts Salem for Moody

  • September 27, 2013 at 10:48 am

    I graduated from Moody Bible Institute 50 year ago when it’s broadcasting voice(s) focused primarilly on spreading its fundamentalist “Christian” message. Since then it has a developed as a loud, multi station mouthpiece of hyper-conservative Republican ideology cloaked in a cynically-smiling religious facade. Janet Parshall’s addition to its lineup brings Moody Radio Network several steps closer to the hateful, racist style and content of AFA (American “Family” Association.) Claiming to speak for Christianity, Parshall (and Moody Radio) actually is the voice of an increasingly rejected segment of sectarian fundamentalism. So Sad!

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