Howard Stern Setting Stage for Possible Broadcast Return

Howard Stern in an interview Thurday (1/21) with “Howard 100” Sirius XM partner Bubba The Love Sponge, sale   said that several terrestrial radio stations have invited him to return to syndicated radio. Stern is in the final year of a five-year, viagra 100mg $500 million contract that Sirius used to lure him from broadcast radio syndication. Most feel that Sirius,  just emerging from years of weak financial performance, would not be willing to pay him that much again. Stern said on the air that several regular radio stations executives have approached him. “I actually have an offer,” he said.  “Well, not a bona fide offer, but people have been making them.”  Stern also said that he “can’t ever imagine the day” that he would return to his former employer Clear Channel.  Note: With the way Arbitron PPM methodology is treating talk driven stations and personalities,  Clear Channel may not be imagining that either.

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