Citadel, McVay Media Launch Donny Osmond Show

Donny Osmond is moving beyond short form features into long form daypart syndicated radio programming. Citadel Media has signed Osmond to host a new lifestyle-driven music radio show called The Donny Osmond Show. The project was developed with broadcast industry consultant Mike McVay of McVay Media along with radio syndication veteran Mike McKay and will be the first offering from McKay Syndication. The program will air weekdays from 10a-3p and will launch nationally on January 18th with 60 stations.

“Donny Osmond is a classic American performer who has spent the majority of his life bringing smiles to audiences around the world and continues to captivate his tremendous fan base today,” Citadel Media SVP Programming And Distribution Carl Anderson. “The opportunity to bring his talents to a national radio platform aligns perfectly with our network initiative as we offer affiliates customized daypart programming with the personalities stations are looking for.

“Our team is extremely proud to be part of introducing The Donny Osmond Show to radio listeners across the country,” said Mike McKay. “Donny is such a relatable, natural personality and has historically drawn the interest of a wide-ranging audience. His recent popularity and success on ‘Dancing with the Stars’ has reminded all of us what a dynamic performer he is and charmed a new generation of fans as well.”

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