Thom Hartmann Adds to Media Empire

Dial-Global progressive syndicated radio talker Thom Hartmann continues his mission to cover every media platform available. In addition to his Dial-Global syndication Hartman is now a Pacifica affiliated show, providing a 3-hour live and delayed show to Pacifica non-profit and community stations around the world with no commercial content. There is also a TV simulcast of the radio show which appears on  Hartmann’s own YouTube channel, and was recently picked up by Free Speech TV (on Dish Network satellite TV) with a half hour version of the show in production. The condensed video version will also be offered as a podcast. Last but not least, Air America is clearing Hartmann’s weekend show on it’s Washington affiliate (WZZA 1050) and the new Air America website, re-establishing his relationship with that radio syndication company. The Hartmann show is a classic case of brand extension and Thom is a successful talk talent more than willing to cut non-traditional deals,  (in the case of the Pacifica deal) and give up compensation to broaden his reach.

2 thoughts on “Thom Hartmann Adds to Media Empire

  • March 29, 2010 at 8:53 pm

    Thom is doing it correctly – he’s already talking and now more and more people get to hear him. Thom is also an excellent fit for Pacifica and Free Speech because he always has on the opposing viewpoint and always challenges them on the issue(s) through straight talk and reductio ad absurdum – Thom demands that cons’ speak about the real consequences of their friendly yet often fascist memes. Thom has tagged us all – we are it and we should bloom where we are planted.
    @Michael: CA would get too crowded I think and besides if Jerry Brown is re-elected Governor then CA will have single-payer next year.

  • November 13, 2009 at 4:58 pm

    If progressives keep giving away professional quality content for free, and conservatives keep raking in huge profits from privately owned networks, then the progressives will starve and the conservatives will propagate. Thus, media will evolve into a propaganda machine for the right.

    That is the end of free speech and the beginning of total fascism, but it is the state of media today, in the USA.

    Why fight it? The progressives should just shrug off the conservative hate machine, and walk away. All progressives should move to California, take over the political dialog, and let the rest of the country flounder under the wight of their own ideas.

    As California continues to create and increase the standard of living of our citizens, the suffering of the rest of the country will become apparent. If they fail to adapt, they will eventually end in ruin.

    (a Utopian idea, but with strict economic policy we can do it 😉

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