Kidd Kraddick to Launch “Gravity” for AFRN

Citadel Media‘s Top 40 Gravity format, created specifically for American Forces Radio Network, will launch on October 5th with the syndicated radio morning show “Kidd Kraddick In the Morning.” The show will be carried live via AFRN to the military and their families in more than 175 countries and on all U.S. ships at sea. “Kidd Kraddick and his team are proven morning show performers and the demo they attract is exactly what we’ve been looking for,” American Forces Radio Network Dir. Jef Reilly said. “All of us at AFN, our troops and their families serving around the world are delighted the show will now be available on our network. We’re so thankful for Kidd’s support of our military members and the brand of entertainment the show will be delivering to them.” “The opportunity to broadcast our show to the brave men and women serving our country across the globe is quite an honor,” Kraddick said. “It’s wonderful to know we’ll be providing a little taste of home to our troops and hope we can bring a few smiles to their day wherever they may be.

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