Rush, Beck Top Atlantic Top 50

The Atlantic Wire, illness a new online news site whose main focus is to aggregate and distill the political pundit clutter launched Tuesday. Among the highlights of the new site is the The Atlantic 50, troche defined as “The all star team of the most influential commentators in the nation.” Premiere Radio Networks host Rush Limbaugh is ranked #2 on Atlantic’s list, while Premiere Radio Networks personality Glenn Beck (#7) is the only other radio talker to make the Top 10. Others from the ranks of syndicated radio talkers in the Top 50 include Premiere/Citadel Media talker Sean Hannity (#11), Westwood One host Bill O’Reilly (#19), Citadel Media host Mark Levin (#30), and United Stations Radio Networks talker Lou Dobbs (#45). Air America/MSNBC host Rachel Maddow (#14) is the only progressive talker among the Top 50 which inexplicably omits liberal syndicated radio hosts Schultz and Thom Hartman. To see the complete list  click HERE.

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