Premiere Radio Talkers In New Charlotte Lineup

Premiere Radio Networks’ Sean Hannity, Jason Peters and Glen Beck are set to be a part of the lineup when CBS Radio flips Charlotte Sports/Talk WFNZ 1160 to WBCN. Those legendary calls, long associated with the Boston rocker, will become the home of  “America’s Talk.”and will compete with heritage news talker WBT. Speaking of Glen Beck-the advertiser fall out on the television side continues over remarks about President Obama. According to Target Market News; eleven new companies have pulled their ads from Beck’s Fox show including Capital One, Mercedes Benz and Discover, bringing to total of advertisers who are boycotting the show to fifty.

One thought on “Premiere Radio Talkers In New Charlotte Lineup

  • March 22, 2012 at 10:19 am

    i personally think glen beck and russ limbaugh should be taken off the airways. in my opinion they are legalized terriost. myself and friends are now going to listen to these shows and the people advertising on them we will campaign not to buy their products . hopefullu enough business lost and pressure on these companies will make you realize most people don`t cotton to these two radio people. thank you, james black

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