Bloomberg Radio Adds Charlie Rose

Bloomberg Radio has acquired the radio syndication rights to air the audio of Charlie Rose‘s nightly PBS show as part of a new multi-platform deal between Bloomberg and the show. Bloomberg Television has acquired the rights to air the show in a “next-day international edition” with additional material the day following its initial airing on PBS. The deal also includes web and mobile applications. Mr. Rose said, “For the past 18 years, our program has been dedicated to the idea of good conversation across the spectrum of human curiosity. We now make it a true global conversation. This new partnership with Bloomberg Television is a unique and powerful opportunity to introduce to a new audience the ideas, actions and people that shape our destiny. I could not be more appreciative and excited.”  Bloomberg CEO of Multimedia Andy Lack said, “Charlie is a rare fellow in the television business. He is a remarkable interviewer and tremendous journalist, and his show is ‘a must see’ for thought leaders and the most influential audience in the U.S.”  “Now Charlie’s nightly program is destined to become a worldwide brand.”

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