Sarah Palin’s Mid-Life Career Change

Let’s be honest, Sarah Palin was a high school basketball point guard who went to a number of 2 and 4 year colleges before obtaining a Journalism degree while yearning for a career in the MEDIA. This very same woman who ascending to governmental positions of power by sheer likability, was miraculously chosen to run on a presidential ticket and who uses her apparent disdain for the media as a vehicle to stay in it,  has announced her desire to be a syndicated radio talk show host. Inside Radio reported yesterday that Sarah Palin’s camp is exploring the syndication potential of the ex-Governor of Alaska, and so far there have been no takers. However,  we’re in the camp that believes while she has already been spurned by Clear Channel, the window is wide open for philosophically aligned syndicators like Fox News or the Salem Radio Network to grab a marketing goldmine who will finally,  after being side tracked for a while, be doing what she really always wanted to do.

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