Accord Reached on “Hit Parade Radio” Trademark

Hit Parade Radio, Inc. and Global Radio Network, Inc. have reached an agreement whereby Hit Parade Radio, Inc. will have the exclusive right to own and use the name “Hit Parade Radio” in all forms. The syndicated radio format known as Music of Your Life, operated by Global Radio Network, Inc., had previously launched its version of Hit Parade Radio at the same time Hit Parade Radio, Inc. created by President John Rook, had announced its launch of a show with the same name. Although the specific terms of the agreement will remain confidential,  Music of Your Life will no longer use the name giving the go ahead for Hit Parade Radio to launch in September as planned. Marc Angell, President and CEO of Global Radio Network, Inc. said, “We’ve reached a fair conclusion to our dispute and wish John Rook and the team at Hit Parade Radio, Inc. much success with the brand.”

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