Monica Crowley Cuts Back on Radio

Monica Crowley always seemed to be one of those who use radio as a stepping stone to “bigger and better things” with no real commitment to the medium. Forgive me if that’s not the case, but it sure looks that way. Citing “special opportunities” Crowley is ending her daily Talk Radio Network syndicated radio show at the end of the week. More “O’Reilly Factor” fill-in opportunities notwithstanding, I suspect this is more of a mutually agreed upon decision between TRN and Crowley since the daily show has gained traction in only 20 markets since launching late last year. Crowley fans can rest assured that the increased demands on her schedule will not affect her weekend show which will continue Saturdays at noon EST.  Here’s Monica’s announcement from her website. Funny how Talk Radio Network CEO Mark Masters was quoted in the official press release but there was no comment from the ubiquitous programming honcho Phil Boyce.

One thought on “Monica Crowley Cuts Back on Radio

  • August 3, 2009 at 2:48 pm

    I am disappointed to hear that monica Crowley is cutting back on radio. I love listening to her, and on
    television she will not speak her mind as openly most likely. Thank you.

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