Wendy Williams “Must Flee” TV

It’s early in her new television run and I hate to be too critical,  but Hank Stuever’s review in the Washington Post of the first episode of The Wendy Williams Show is so dead on that I have to share his critique. Based on the first show, (and I painfully watched every minute of it) I cannot add another, and I agree with, every word of Hanks review. The Debmar-Mercury distributed show has some of the best and brightest people in daytime television working on the show including the highly respected Rob Dauber who has worked with Oprah, Rosie and Martha in lead production capacities so this show should be stellar. I’ll give it time (although they had a run last summer to get it right) because I think Wendy is special, but if they can’t come up with something better than this to compliment the syndicated radio Diva’s  talents, I would advise her to do one thing…think long and hard about giving up your day er, afternoon job.

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