Thom Hartmann’s Non-Commercial Outreach

Progressive syndicated radio talker Thom Hartmann is doing something rather unusual by reaching out to non-profit and non-commercial radio stations for affiliations. I don’t know how long he’s been doing this but Hartmannn and his syndicator WYD Media have created a model that allows stations who ordinarily would not be a target for nationally syndicated content,  (they don’t air commercial inventory) to acquire the show for free via live stream or MP3 and use their ability to solicit underwritten sponsorships  to monetize the programming. Hartmann also has created custom clocks that allow room for him to announce the station underwriters frequently throughout the hour.  This is a novel idea that opens the door for community stations that primarily focus on local issues to have a  voice that speaks from a national perspective. Take a look at how Hartmann is positioning this here.

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