SSI Expands Alan Hunt Show to Weekdays

Syndicated Solutions Inc. has expanded its partnership with syndicated radio talk host Allen Hunt and will assume the full national syndication for “The Allen Hunt Show.” SSI will also offer the program for weekday syndication beginning September 7. The current weekend offering heard on over 90 radio stations, cost will remain unchanged, try while the new weekday broadcast will be available live 9pm-12am ET. Additionally, a weekday feature called “The Allen Hunt Real Life & Faith Moment” will also be made available.

One thought on “SSI Expands Alan Hunt Show to Weekdays

  • October 3, 2009 at 11:29 pm

    Alan, regarding Polanski and Hollywood, if it had been a catholic priest the 13 year old girl would be called a “child” which would be accurate…isn’t it strange how Hollywood now refers to the same 13 year old as a “young woman”…what a bunch of hipocrital, immoral idiots!

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