RADAR 101:Radio Listening Up

Radio audiences listening to RADAR Network affiliated stations is up year over year according to preliminary findings from Arbitron’s latest RADAR 101 Report to be released  Monday 6/22. Over the course of a typical week, more than 213 million persons age 12 and older tune to the more than 7,700 RADAR Network affiliated stations, up from 210 million listeners one year ago in RADAR 97.The new report also shows that radio reaches 92 percent of persons 12+ each week, despite the adoption of MP3 players and the growth of Internet-only stations. Surprisingly 89 percent of the youngest radio audience, teens ages 12-17, most accustomed to using new technologies and forms of media, continue to tune in to radio each week. Network radio also reaches nearly 85 percent of the ad elusive and media multi-taskers Adults 18-34 along with nearly 86 percent of college graduates ages 18-49 with a household income of 75,000 or more. RADAR, the standard currency for national network radio ratings, measures 58 individual radio networks operated by American Urban Radio Networks, Citadel Media Networks, Crystal Media Networks, Dial Global Inc., Premiere Radio Networks, United Stations Radio Networks and Westwood One Radio Networks.

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