Progressive Talkers Can Level the Playing Field Without Legislation

Searching through the blogesphere tonight and “stumbled upon” a nice re-post by LooseKannon on attempts by some to revive The Fairness Doctrine. This was written nearly a year ago and some of the facts are a little dated-Air America Media‘s recently hired syndicated radio talker Montel Williams is not quite a policy wonk as he says most liberal hosts are in the piece-and since the election liberal talkers are doing surprisingly well against conservatives in some markets, but it does offer some good insight on how progressive radio can continue to level the playing field without legislation.

One thought on “Progressive Talkers Can Level the Playing Field Without Legislation

  • June 7, 2009 at 12:13 am

    The solution is not the F.D. which will whip the reactionary right into a frothing frenzy at a time where they should be sulking for what they have done to themselves and the country. The solution is to appoint FCC commissioners who refuse to renew licenses unless a good faith attempt is made at balance (good faith meaning something less than 99% hard right talk).

    This is not a “crackdown” but a restoration of the airwaves to their rightful owners. The takeover of the AM radio dial by rightist tricksters operating the greatest disinformation operation in world history is not tolerable any longer except to fringe rightists themselves. Even the GOP should be relieved at a diminution of the rallying center for 100 million redneck baboons who hate radio mobilized into a lynch mob which wrecked the country.

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