Premiere Well Represented on Forbes Celebrity 100

Forbes Magazines latest Celebrity 100 list calls Premiere Network’s syndicated radio maven Rush Limbaugh “the country’s most listened-to (and perhaps most polarizing) radio host.” Limbaugh earns $54 million, and was listed as #23 in the Forbes list. XM/Sirius talker Howard Stern, who ranked #34, earned $70 million. Ryan Seacrest was ranked #44, earning $38 million. Also making the Forbes list was Glenn Beck at #81, earning $23 million. Oprah Winfrey who also claims a XM/Sirius channel as one of her many brand extensions, earned $275 million in 2008 to rank 2nd on the money list behind Angelina Jolie. Clear Channel continues to pay it’s top talent very well, with the exception of Oprah and Stern, the radio celebs on the list are all syndicated by CC owned Premiere Radio Networks.

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