Michael Savage’s British Foe Quits

The British Home Secretary that labeled Talk Radio Network host Michael Savage a terrorist is resigning. Savage said he is “stunned” by reports that British Home Secretary Jacqui Smith will resign. “This is very unusual that a mere ‘shock jock’ would bring down a government official. The political pressure on her became so great that she was forced to step down.” Smith made headlines in the U.S. when she included Savage on a list of people banned from entering the UK. That list also included, among others, extremist Islamic clerics and two Russian skinheads in prison in connection with the deaths of 20 people. Savage, who says he had no plans to visit the UK, demanded the removal of his name from the list, and hired a British law firm to sue Smith for defamation and damages. Savage says he will now ask British Prime Minister Gordon Brown to lift the ban.

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