Rush Limbaugh’s 30 Day Challenge

Premiere Radio Network’s Rush Limbaugh might be right in thinking that his name is #1 top-of-mind right now-he’s drawing fire from everywhere, at least in talk radio circles, from the left and the right. Dial-Global syndicated radio talker and MSNBC host Ed Schultz is taking Limbaugh up on his challenge to MSNBC to ” go thirty days without mentioning his name.” On his syndicated radio show, Schultz said he’d agree to Limbaugh’s challenge if the conservative host would go for 30 days “without making any derogatory or hateful comments about the President of the United States and no racist, no sexist, no homophobic comments.” Calling Rush “The Drugster” Schultz added, “I’ll accept the challenge, but who would be the judge? You don’t know the difference between a sexist, racist or homophobic comment. That’s just who you are, that’s just how you talk. You don’t know any better.” Now if that’s not enough, Talk Radio Network’s Michael Savage also called out Limbaugh on his show, calling him  “a fraud.”  Savage expressed anger that Limbaugh and other prominent talk radio hosts have not spoken out on his behalf after his recent ban from the U.K. “Limbaugh has turned out to be the biggest phony of them all. ” said Savage. “Among them all he is the biggest fraud. When he was accused of drug usage, I supported him. But that man is a one-way street. It’s all about him. He’s in it for nobody but himself.” You think maybe mentioning Limbaugh’s name keeps one in the news? Is he a lighting rod who is impossible to ignore or a master manipulator who’s right in his assessment that others are riding his coattails?

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