Jayne FM Moves To Impact Radio Networks

Impact Radio Networks has signed an agreement with Jayne FM for affiliation and distribution. IRN CEO Steven Ludwig said, “No one wants to see the staff cuts we’re seeing. It’s horrible. But companies like Impact Radio Networks can’t dwell on the negative; crisis creates opportunity and we’re assembling solutions to deal with the new realities of our industry.” The five hour syndicated radio daypart targeted to adult women created by voiceover talent Robin Marshall and consulted by Zapoleon Media Strategies, was formerly syndicated by Envision Radio Networks. On the move to Impact, Marshall added, “I have a tremendous number of influential friends and colleagues in the industry, many of whom have recently lost their jobs. It’s not always about the ”cream rising to the top’ in today’s volatile industry, but I will say that this company, Impact Radio Networks has some very classy methods.”

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