Elvis Duran Picks Up 10 New Stations

The Premiere Radio Network syndicated Elvis Duran Morning Show is now on 10 new stations, and eight of them are Clear Channel-owned. Those include CHRs in Rochester NY (WKGS), Richmond (WRVQ), Dayton (WKDF), Albany NY (WKKF), Des Moines (KKDM), Harrisonburg VA (WAZR), Wheeling (WVKF) and Parkersburg (WRVB). The other two are Aloha Trust’s WBKS, Huntington, WV and WINK-FM in Ft. Myers, FL. Meanwhile loyal “Melissa and Sid” listeners in Richmond aren’t too pleased with Elvis replacing them on WRVQ. So much so that they’ve created an online petition to bring the local show back.

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