Michael Savage Banned In the UK

Talk Radio Network syndicated radio host Michael Savage (real name Michael Weiner) has been included on a list released by the United Kingdom’s Home Secretary of 16 individuals who are not welcome to visit Great Britain. In a story appearing in today’s  Independent,  Britain’s Home Secretary Jacqui Smith called Savage “someone who has fallen into the category of fomenting hatred, of such extreme views and expressing them in such a way that is actually likely to cause inter-community tension or even violence if that person were allowed into the country.” Smith further stated that, “It’s a privilege to come to this country. There are certain behaviours that mean you forfeit that privilege.” The list also includes a Baptist pastor and a number of Muslim preachers and extremists. *UPDATE* Savage who makes a habit of filing lawsuits against critics (CAIR and  Homeland Security as well as various websites) said last night that he was planning legal action against the British government telling the San Francisco Chronicle that he had been defamed and endangered by the decision made by Jacqui Smith, the Home Secretary. Savage said that “I have never advocated violence. I’ve been on the air 15 years. My views may be inflammatory, but they’re not violent in any way.”

One thought on “Michael Savage Banned In the UK

  • May 6, 2009 at 12:48 am

    I don’t agree with Savage being banned.

    However, Savage is no friend of free speech. Despite Savage painting himself as a champion of free speech, he is anything but. He took the organisation CAIR to court to prevent them from using snippets of his show on their website. He lost. However, had Savage prevailed, free speech would have lessened for us all. See:



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