Sharpton And Ballentine Atlanta Saga “WAOK”

CBS Radio WAOK-AM debuts the return of  syndicated radio talkers Al Sharpton and Warren Ballentine to the Atlanta market beginning Wednesday (4/29). The shows which had been dropped from Radio One Urban AC WAMJ-FM in a series of frequency moves and format flips that left them without a home in the nations 9th largest radio market, will re-appear in the market with Warren Ballentine at 10am followed by Sharpton at 1pm.  Significant protest from Atlanta listeners regarding Radio One’s decision to replace the shows on WAMJ prompted talk surrounding CBS’s interest in the  hosts, particularly after two local WAOK  talk personalities were removed  from the station late last month. Rick Caffey, General Manager at WAOK said regarding the move;  “We are excited to welcome Reverend Sharpton and Warren Ballentine to the WAOK family. Neither are strangers to the Atlanta community and we are pleased to have them back on the air in Atlanta at their new home, WAOK AM 1380. ” The shows produced by Syndication One and syndicated by Superadio have also been picked up by Cox Radio’s WENN-AM Birmingham.

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  • September 16, 2009 at 3:25 pm

    warren my brother enjoy your show every day you keep me well informed on todays issuses you keep me informed i will do my best to impower and inform other brothers and sisters.comment about the sister in morrow ga she got the right people behind her she is taking care of business craker barrell needs to be put out of buniness i to like to think out side the box the insurance companys have a lot to do with anger amongs people.the lobbyist can no longer flash cash around the senate so the are hitting radio station and tv station to cont promoting hate through tv and radio because they dont want obama health care bill to pass

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