Syndicated Programming New Clear Channel Focus

News out of the Clear Channel management meetings in Dallas has the company unveiling two new programming initiatives including what it calls “a multi-point plan to raise the bar for radio programming across all dayparts and platforms, including online and mobile.”  The plan includes the expected introduction of national and regional programming in a program called “Premium Choice” that the company says makes proven programming  and popular on-air talent readily available  to local PDs in all markets for all dayparts. Among the Premium Choice offerings are  Ryan Secreast and Steve Harvey, based on the evaluation of new PPM based audience measurement reports and data produced by Clear Channel Radio’s proprietary talent performance tool. Also, “new channels” for Kidd Kraddick and Lex & Terry are on tap, joining other focused offerings like Elvis Duran and Johnjay and Rich.  The second initiative is a program to offer local community focus and support including: New and expanded public-service partnerships with local and national commitments. Expanded PSAs — a minimum of 12 times a day, throughout all dayparts.  Improved local public affairs programming.  Improving weekly public affairs shows.  New, varied-length segments, from :05 to 5 minutes in length. Local Advisory Boards in every market and nationwide. 24/7 access for local authorities to local station management.  Expanded support for local music artists. Direct community support that touches citizens directly. The entire release is available here.

One thought on “Syndicated Programming New Clear Channel Focus

  • April 16, 2009 at 8:05 pm

    I like everything except the increased syndication part.

    An increase in public service is good.

    Syndicating major dayparts, drive-times is not. Especially on stations that are music intensive and don’t even have a local news presence.

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