Big Eddie Funny Money?

Brian Mahoney presents a somewhat scathing attack on Ed Schultz in a Friday Radio Equalizer post.  Mahoney, referencing Jeff Poor’s piece in NewsBusters points out that along with Ed’s new gig on MSNBC comes new questions regarding  his pro-union ties, sources of funding and political motivations. Is it me or is it a little naive to think that none of the other top talkers are receiving the same kind of support from their special interests through advertising, outside appearances etc.? This is probably much ado about nothing, however it is interesting to make note of the lack of buzz  surrounding the new show. But, come on…the show is on MSNBC and it is at 6 in the evening. As much as I think Ed is a very capable progressive talker on national radio and television (he is looking pretty good on that new set), the time slot has always been a problem for the network and unless something huge happens the ratings will most likely get worse as the weather heats up.

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