MSNBC, Ed Schultz…Please Work It Out

Ed Schultz is a great businessman and a fabulous self-promoter as well as a pretty good progressive talker.  I don’t know if all the talk about an MSNBC slot for Ed is coming out of his camp or what but there sure is a lot of it lately. For the third time this month Schultz has hosted the networks 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. sitting in for current host David Schuster with rumblings that a television deal is eminent. Felix Gillette has been keeping up with this pretty regularly in the New York Observer. Note to MSNBC President Phil Griffin…give him the job already.

One thought on “MSNBC, Ed Schultz…Please Work It Out

  • April 15, 2009 at 10:40 pm

    Ed Shultz your TV show stinks!
    Radio show ho hum! TV is off the charts bad & boring! Your coverage of the tea parties was sad & pathetic desperation! Instead of having impathy for people you just trash them! Can’t make friends and influence people like that!Remember 58% of people in this country did not vote for Obama! From what I hear from my Democrat friends they are not exactly pleased with Obama!The negativity on MSNBC is a turn off so I do!

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