DIRECTV Signs Dan Patrick To New TV Deal

The Content Factory’s Dan Patrick has signed a deal with DIRECTV to create a new, innovative TV show based on his nationally syndicated weekday radio program, The Dan Patrick Show. The show will air live, from 9 a.m. to noon ET, Monday through Friday exclusively on The 101 Network, DIRECTV’s original programming channel, beginning this summer. Billed as being more than just a straight simulcast of the radio program, the new show will expand on the radio show format, using Patrick’s trademark humor and interaction with his production staff to create a blend of situational comedy and sports radio commentary. “Dan is much taller and funnier in person and when he’s not behind a desk,” said Eric Shanks, executive vice president of Entertainment at DIRECTV. “You never know what Dan could do whenever he is left to his own devices but it sounds like it will be a twisted version of The Office’ with some guests and sports commentary mixed in at least that’s what he is telling us anyway.” When asked about the new show, Patrick declined comment except to say, “I’m a natural for DIRECTV, I work best when you point me towards the southwesterly sky with an unobstructed view.” The deal calls for about 250 shows a year to delivered to the network.

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