Radio’s Gift To Gibbs

White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs put his foot in his mouth the other day when discussing with reporters the Obama- Rush Limbaugh flap when he said that, “He doesn’t even own a radio” and “Maybe I should hook up my I-Pod”.  Gibbs has yet to explain if he was being facetious or not given the fact that the President took advantage of the medium often and effectively in winning the election and continues to use radio for his weekly addresses. Whether Gibbs was serious or not, the comment is being taken as a slap in the face to terrestrial radio prompting many to rally to the defense of the medium. In a nod to good old fashioned radio promotion,  ABC News White House correspondent Ann Compton (see above) even made a trip to the White House to hand deliver a radio to Gibbs with instructions on how to use it.

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